Oil Filter Wrench Sizes

Although an oil filter is a small item, it effectively helps the car’s engine perform functionally and durably. Specifically, the oil filter can make the engine oils cleaner and prevent them from being damaged by dirt. Therefore, having an oil filter inside your car is very crucial, and the way to check its performance is also essential. 

Using an oil filter wrench can easily ensure the oil filter is working well. As there are now several types and sizes of oil filter wrenches that make you confused, we will assist you in choosing the best one to fit your need.

What Is An Oil Filter Wrench? What Does It Do?

An oil filter wrench is a unique adjustable wrench used to loosen and tighten the top of an automobile’s oil filter cartridge. It enables the engine to remove and replace an old or clogged filter with a new one, effectively filtering its oil supply. You can find oil filter wrenches available at auto part shops like Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, Kmart, Autozone, or other car parts stores. 

Most people, on the other hand, will have at least three different sizes that are typically labelled”small,” “medium,” and “large.”. You should replace your current oil filter with a new one when you find some signs indicating errors in the inside oil supply in your car. You should also change the oil filter if the oil runs dirty. 

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The Different Sizes Of Oil Filter Wrenches

  • The 3/4″

These wrenches are only compatible with traditional 4-sided spin-on oil filters, not the bypass filters used in our Ford engines. The 3/4 “is usually the optimal size for this vehicle.

  • The 7/8″

The 7/8″ wrench fits higher capacity filters, like those seen in our Dodge pickups and some of the V8 engines (such as our original Corvette and Viper engines). Fords also use this size, but it is less frequent.

  • The 13/16″

On some of our GM automobiles, they are used more frequently. This wrench will fit most filters, even those with greater capacity, commonly known as High Flow filters.

  • The 15/16″

The 15/16″ dimension is used on most of our Chrysler vehicles, including some Dodges with 4.7L V8 engines, V8 engines, and 2011 models with VVT (variable valve timing) in engines like our new Hemi trucks. While it’s not very popular, I’ve placed it here as a reference if you come into an application requiring one of these wrenches for this type of filter.

  • The 1-Inch

This size is suitable for more significant oil filter canisters with filters on top of the engine. This wrench is relatively huge compared to the others, giving it much leverage while working with these filters.

How To Choose The Right Size Oil Filter Wrench

Getting the appropriate wrench can be significantly struggling. Some people spend many hours searching for the perfect tool at their local auto parts store, only to decide on something that may or may not function. I had no option but to make my own, and it works flawlessly every time.

The first step is to look up a picture of your specific oil filter on the internet. Typically, you may discover them by searching for “YOUR VEHICLE> oil filter.” For instance, the AC Delco PF2127 oil filter is utilised on the Chevrolet Corvette C6.

Although you may believe you have a wrench that fits, you should compare your present filter wrench to the web image to make sure this oil filter wrench works well on your filter and is easy to remove. I recommend printing out the picture of your filter so you can refer to it quickly while looking for an oil filter wrench.

Type Of Oil Filter Wrenches

Each car has its filter, which varies depending on the manufacturer. As a result, you’ll never use the same oil filter wrench for every vehicle. Here are the various types of wrenches in the industry.

  • Metal band filter wrench

A full metal band is fastened to both ends of the handle on this sort of wrench. This band wraps around the oil filter when you turn the handle counterclockwise. Due to the rotational tension, it will grab the oil filter, allowing for easy extraction.

  • Chain Loop oil filter wrench

This wrench works with the chain loop, which you’ll use to wrap around an oil filter. Turn the bar in an anticlockwise manner once that’s done. 

The chain will wrap around the oil filter consequently. Then, turn the bar with an adjustable spanner or socket wrench as you did before to remove the filter.

  • End Cap/ Socket filter wrench

This oil filter wrench has a socket-like form to it. It works with a plastic or metal cup to perform the task. To activate the knurling, you have to place the cap on the end of your oil filter.

  • Strap Oil filter wrench

This wrench is designed for large automobiles such as pickup trucks, SUVs, and similar vehicles. Broad oil filters are used in these cars, and strap wrenches make it simple to remove the filters at any time.

  • Claw Wrench

The Claw Wrench has twin jaw plates, two clamping legs, and three geared metal prongs. It also contains a 3/8-inch ratchet driver, twisted counterclockwise to obtain a strong clinch on the filter body. This wrench is a good choice if your filters are too tight.

  • Pliers

These pliers include a double handle that allows users to remove oil filters easily.

These tools are available in various sizes, ranging from 3 inches to 5/8 inches, and can handle oil filter sizes ranging from 2 inches to 15/16 inches and 3-5/8 inches.

Choose The Correct Oil Filter Wrench

When selecting the proper size of an oil filter wrench, consider four factors:

  • The size of the filter
  • The model of your car
  • How tight the oil filter is in its position
  • The space around it in the car engine

Use a socket or cup wrench to identify the correct size directly. If you are unable to access the requirements, try the following:

  • Count the number of flutes on your oil filter’s top.
  • From one edge to the other, measure your oil filter.
  • Get an oil filter cap wrench with the same number of flutes as the oil filter cap, but make the cap’s inner diameter more extensive than the oil filter cap.

Simple guidelines for determining the correct sizes:

  • Use a universal oil filter wrench if you have more than one vehicle.
  • Adjustable wrenches are appropriate for most types of oil filters.
  • Try various kinds of oil filter wrenches to determine the best fit.


To remain your car engine works properly and sustainably, you need to ensure the engine oil is free of dirt. Remember to change the oil filter using the proper oil filter wrench when necessary. By helping you to explore many kinds of oil filter wrenches, you’re now better at making your own choice.

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