How To Change The Oil In A Simplicity Lawn Tractor

Changing the oil for your lawn mower is something you can do by yourselves, or you can get assistance from an authorized service dealer. The oil changing process will depend on the particular kind of machine you use. Refer to your operation and service manual to ensure you follow the proper steps designed for the engine on your mower.

In this writing, we will provide a detailed procedure for changing the oil in a Simplicity Lawn Mower.

Tools And Supplies

  • Below is the list of the tools you need to prepare before doing any work.
  • Motor Oil Honda 10w-30 (1.11 US qt with oil filter replacement)
  • Oil Filter (Genuine Honda 15410-MFJ-D01 or Fram PH6017A)
  • Funnel
  • 65mm oil filter wrench
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Drain Pan
  • Rag

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Steps For Changing The Oil In A Simplicity Lawn Tractor

Step 1. Warm Up The Engine

The first step for changing your lawn tractor’s oil is to run the engine till it is warmed up. It usually takes you about 10 minutes or more.

Step 2. Place The Mower On A Level Surface

Position your lawn mower to a level surface. This step is vital for assessing the final fill oil quantity and ensuring the engine oil drains appropriately. Therefore, you should not skip this one.

Step 3. Turn Off The Mower’s Engine And Open Its Hood

Ensure the lawn mower is turned off and secured, so it does not roll away! Failing to turn off the engine can cause danger to you and your property.

Step 4. Clean The Oil Fill And Filter Area

Clean any dirt, sand, grass, or other debris away from the oil fill port (dipstick) and the oil filter locations. It will help you avoid getting unwanted foreign objects into the engine oil.

Step 5. Remove The Dipstick

Remove the dipstick, which also plays the role of an oil filler port cover. Doing so will help drain out the oil more quickly.

Step 6. Locate The Drain Hose

Some lawn tractors have an oil drain hose. Try to locate and position it so that it is over a drain pan. If your tractor has no drain hose, place a drain pan under the engine’s oil plug bolt (located under the oil filter).

Step 7. Remove The Drain Plug

Remove the drain plug using a wrench. The oil will starts to drain out. Let all of the oil drains out into the drain pan. After the oil has drained out, put the drain plug back in position. Tighten it securely.

My mower’s drain tube uses a 16mm and 18mm wrench to untighten and remove the drain plug.

Tip the drain tube up to remove the drain plug.

After removing the drain plug, put it into a drain vessel while tipping the tube down to drain the oil. Let the oil drain out. Finally, it will slow to a drip. Replace the drain plug.

Step 8. Remove The Oil Filter

Loosen the oil filter. If the filter is too tight, you cannot remove it. In that case, use the appropriate 65mm oil filter wrench. A little oil will drain out from the oil filter port. Use the drain pan or a rag to catch the oil.

If you tightened the filter too tightly the last time, you might need to use a pipe wrench or a filter remover to loosen the filter.

After removing the filter, another 1/2 cup of oil will drain. Therefore, if you are in your garage or driveway, remember to place a rag underneath to catch the extra fat.

Step 9. Lubricate The New Oil Filter

Put some clean oil on a rag or your finger, then lightly coat the rubber mating surface of the Fram PH6017A or Genuine Honda 15410-MFJ-D01 oil filter. Otherwise, put the new and old filters back to back to get an even oil film on the new filter’s seal.

Step 10. Install The Oil Filter

Place the new oil filter over the filter port, then screw it on by spinning it clockwise. Tighten it till the gasket contacts the oil filter mating surface. Then tighten the oil filter for another 1/2 to 7/8 turns.

Step 11. Add Oil To The Engine

After installing the drain plug and the new oil filter, pour 1050 mL (1.11 US qt) of Honda 10w-30 engine oil into the oil filter port (dipstick port) using a funnel.

Step 12. Replace The Dipstick

Install the dipstick back into the oil fill port and tighten it.

Above are all the steps you need to follow to complete the oil change procedure on a Simplicity Broadmoor Lawn Mower.

Please note that you should always read your equipment’s operation and service manual before starting, operating, or repairing your engine or equipment to avoid any personal injury or damage to your property.

Your operator’s manual will provide the most accurate and specific information for locating the parts listed above and help ensure that you are changing the lawn mower oil properly and correctly. If you are unsure about any of the steps described above or have questions about the oil changing procedure, do not hesitate to contact your authorized Simplicity Service Dealer for further information or help.

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How Often Do You Need To Change Engine Oil On A Simplicity Lawn Tractor?

The most accurate information is provided in the machine’s operating manual. The recommended oil change interval for a Simplicity lawn mower is about every 6 months or 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first. You must follow the equipment’s maintenance schedule properly. By ensuring that regular machine checking and maintenance is carried out, you can minimize the impact of machinery and equipment failure and be sure of your safety while operating your machine.


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