How To Change Oil In A Honda Accord

Experts suggest that you should change your engine oil every 3,000 miles. The oil helps the engine components work smoothly together and avoids the growth of carbon deposits. Therefore, maintaining the oil pure will ensure a long-lasting operation for your Honda Accord engine. Changing the oil in your car saves you time and money and ensures that the task is done correctly. 

The following instructions contain many detailed steps and explanations of How To Change The Oil In A Honda Accord!

The Reasons To Change Your Oil

During combustion, engines generate a lot of heat, and the oil helps keep things cool. If you want the performance of your Honda Accord engine to be excellent, the essential thing you should conduct is an oil change.

Replacing your car’s oil is one of the most uncomplicated and enjoyable maintenance activities you can perform yourself. It serves as a platform for more involved maintenance services in the future. There are only a few steps to follow, which take less than an hour to accomplish.

For Accords built before 2011, Honda recommends 5w-20 motor oil. They recommend 0w-20 motor oil for Accords constructed after 2011. We strongly advise you to use full-synthetic motor oil to make a long-lasting operation in your car.

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Supplies And Tools Required List

  • Oil filter Mobil 1 M1-110A Filter – fits 2003-2018 Honda Accord 3.0 2.0 2.4 3.5.
  • Mobil 1 EP HM Full-Synthetic (5W-20) – recommended for 2003-2010 Honda Accords
  • Mobil 1 EP Full-Synthetic (0W-20) – recommended for 2011-2020 Honda Accords
  • Oil drain pan
  • 4 -17mm socket wrench
  • Funnel
  • Car jack or ramp
  • Oil filter pliers (optional)
  • Torque wrench (optional)

The Oil And Filter Changing Procedure For Honda Accord

Step 1: Warm up the oil in the vehicle

Warm-up your car helps warm oil drains out more quickly. Turn on your vehicle and run it around 10 minutes before turning it off. Set the parking brake and put the car in park. To discourage unintended motion, place wheel chocks—or something similarly huge and heavy—behind the rear wheels as a safety measure.

Step 2: Remove the drain plug to drain the oil

The oil filter on a Honda Accord is located just aft and above the oil pan. To remove the drain plug, use a 17mm wrench or socket (nice socket set) to put out the drain plug.

When you loosen the drain plug, prepare a drain pan. After you’ve broken the bolt away, you can generally unscrew it the rest of the way with your fingers.

As you near the end of the threads, take care not to drop the bolt into the drain pan. Place the drain pan beneath the drain hole once you remove the bolt. Allow the oil to drain for around 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Replace the drain plug

Once the oil has dropped, replace the drain plug and tighten it by hand until snug. Then screw it using a wrench (torque 15-20 ft-lbs ). Do not over tighten it as you may damage the threads.

Step 4: Remove the old oil filter

While unscrewing the old oil filter, place the oil pan underneath it. When the oil filter is removed, it S will drip oil. Snap as much of the oil as you can.

Step 5: Lube the New Filter

Take the new oil filter out of its package. You should apply a small amount of oil to the new oil filter seal to ensure a good seal. Wipe a sheen of fat around the circle of the new oil filter seal with your finger or a towel.

Step 6: Install the new oil filter

Replace the oil filter and then tighten it. Go another 1/2-3/4 turn or so when you feel resistance. Make sure that any oil leaks out. But do not overtight as you can’t get it off by hand the next time.

Step 7: Add new fresh oil

You can now proceed to the fuel tank. Remove the oil filler cap and pop the hood. Get your 5 gallons motor oil bottle.

Check the owner’s manual for the correct engine oil level. The amount is 4.4 quarts for a 4-cylinder Honda Accord from 2004. Pour 4.4 quarts of oil through the funnel into the oil fill slot. When there are around 0.6 quarts left in a 5 qt jug, you’ve reached 4.4 quarts.

Step 8: Put the oil filter cap back on

Put on the oil filter cap back.

Finally, when Honda Accords determine the oil needs to be changed, a “Maintenance Required” light will turn. If this light comes on after you’ve changed the oil, you’ll need to reset it.

How To Change Oil In Honda Accord?

Step 1: Prepare the Honda Accord for the oil change

Warm up the oil for a quick 10 – 15 minutes drive. This action helps the oil drains out smoothly.

Tips: Because the oil drain plug is under the car, raise the vehicle to the front with a jack or a ramp. In this way, you can work in the automobile easier.

Step 2: Drain the oil

The oil drain plug is positioned on the driver’s side, just beneath the engine (facing the back of the vehicle). Under the drain plug, place the oil drain pan (6 to 10 litres). When the pan and plug are refreshing, loosen the oil drain plug counterclockwise with the wrench. Once the oil plug is loose, remove it using your fingers. Then let the oil flow out for about 10-15 minutes.

Tips: Old oil with metal particles signals metal rubbing against metal. This case usually occurs before a catastrophic engine breakdown due to failing internal engine components. As quickly as possible, take the car to a repair.

Step 3: Check conditions of oil drain plug bolts and washers

Check the quality of the oil plug bolts before reinstalling them. Replace any bolts that have rounded edges. Because it’s a one-time use component, the crush washer must be changed.

Wipe the oil pan’s area that connects with the washers. A snug fit is vital to make sure there’s no leak.

Reinstall the nuts and washers and tighten the oil drain cap once cleaned. Tighten them by hand until they’re snug, then secure them with a wrench (torque 30 ft-lbs) until the crush washer is “crushed.” If you overtighten the bolt, it will be difficult to remove it afterwards.

Step 4: Pour new oil into the engine

Check the instruction manual to fill the correct engine oil level. Fill the Accord with 4-litres of synthetic 10W-30 engine oil after closing the oil drain plug. Most Honda Accord owners recommend Mobil engine oil because it improves fuel efficiency.

The Cost Of An Oil Change For A 2021 Honda Accord

Our technicians perform every 2021 Honda Accord oil change, including a multi-point examination. The expense of an oil change depends on the engine size, type of oil used, and vehicle model. Unlike a vehicle with a high-performance V-8 engine, which may require full synthetic motor oil, 4 cylinder passenger cars consume less and frequently utilise traditional engine oil. Every month, Coggin Deland Honda offers a variety of oil change coupons that may be less than you expect.

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What Happens When Not Changing The Oil In A 2021 Honda Accord

Motor oil offers a variety of roles and advantages, including:

  • Maintains the 2021 Honda Accord engine clean – This is critical for the engine to perform optimally. Dust particles and debris are trapped by the oil and carried to the oil filter, where they are caught. They decrease the likelihood of dirt accumulating in the engine and causing harm.
  • To enhance fuel efficiency – The slicker the engine parts are, the less force is required to move them, resulting in the engine using less fuel.
  • Prevents engine components from corrosion – One of the compounds found in most oils is designed to aid in the reduction of oxidation and the prevention of pollution.
  • Useful in heat reduction – Heat can be produced by friction between engine elements, causing extensive damage to essential engine components. Because of this heat dispersion, no engine part should become too hot.
  • Avoids engine knocking – parts like your engine pistons don’t touch. The oil lubricates them and keeps them from rubbing together. It helps to reduce engine knocking-related issues and damage.


This article mentioned the ways to change the oil in a Honda Accord. The longer you travel, the more miles your vehicle acquires. It can lead to various performance, engine, and maintenance problems, indicating that updating all of your 2021 Honda Accord’s maintenance requirements is essential. Changing the oil filter and replacing new oil are two necessary actions you must conduct regularly. Make sure your awareness of How To Change Oil In A Honda Accord is correct and valuable whenever doing it yourself.