How To Change Fork Oil

You are devout around your motor oil, aren’t you? But most of us put it off, and to be reasonable, it’s improbable to cause the sort of harm caused by not changing motor oil. Added substances put there to secure the seals, and other internals from wear and erosion will break down over time. As a result, you have to change the fork oil regularly to make sure your bike engine works well. 

Check the guide below here on how to change fork oil.

Step By Step On How To Change Fork Oil

Below here are 11 steps on how to change fork oil which include:

Remove The Front Wheel

This is the first part on how to change fork oil. As a common run the show, you’ll either chock the front wheel or at the slightest have the front brake locked in when breaking the front pivot jolt free. Once that’s free, you’ll jack the front up. There are two ways to do that:

One is to utilize a jack beneath the motor and lift the front wheel. The other option is to use a front triple tree stand that lifts the bicycle utilizing the triple tree. Usually, our inclination because it offers a bit more soundness than a jack. You’ll also disengage the brakes and other cables associated with the forks, such as speed sensors.

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Remove The Fork Cap And/Or Plug

Here’s your to begin with the challenge. Depending on your bicycle, the forks will either have a cap you’ll be able to screw off or a plug that sits on top in a few rarer cases. In either case, you’ll moreover evacuate a clip that holds the plug or the foot of the cap input. Since the front of your bicycle is presently lifted, the forks will be uncompressed, making this errand somewhat less demanding. Thrust down on the cap/plug with a fitting apparatus, and utilizing your other hand, use a level head screwdriver or a box cutter to pry out the clip.

Measure The Height Of The Forks

The precise position that your forks sit in your triple tree decides the front conclusion geometry of your bicycle, so it’s important that you simply degree this. Otherwise, your bike’s taking care of can be unfathomably distinctive upon re-installation. Employing a ruler, how distant up the fork expands over the triple tree (if at all). You’ll ordinarily discover there’s a stamp on the beat of the triple tree – degree from here as the stature the fork is over the triple tree will shift depending on where you take the estimation.

Remove The Forks

Release the jolts on the best foot of the triple tree. Once ultimately wound out, you’ll be able to slide each fork down and out of the clamps gently. When pouring the oil out of the forks, don’t fair turn them upside down as that seems possibly harms the interior of the spring. Instep, delicately pour the fork oil out and guarantee you snatch any washers, spacers, and the spring as they drop out.

Do A Preliminary Clean

Pouring the fork oil will still take off a bounty of oil cleared out the interior. Get a degreaser and splash generously interior the fork. You will pump the forks up and down to urge the degreaser to blend through both the internal and external fork. 

Unscrew The Damping Rod Bolt

The fork’s foot will be a jolt that holds the damping bar input. You’ll skip this step if you need, but you won’t get as much of the old fork oil out in case you are doing it. The location of the bolt is by and large unbalanced, so you might get creative to urge sufficient leverage to loosen it. 

Another issue can be that the damping pole itself turns while attempting to unscrew the jolt if you discover that this can be. In this case, compress the fork and put it back in using the spring you fair expelled. 

Pushing down on the spring will ideally hold the damping bar input – at the slightest sufficient to induce the jolt free. If this doesn’t work, a bit of dowel (or other fittingly formed and long sufficient protest) pushed into the best of the damping bar can moreover work.

Do A Final Clean

With the foot jolt evacuated, splash a few more degreaser interior the fork and pump them up and down. Let the degreaser sit and after that, cleanse with water. Provide the springs, spacers, and damping pole a splash with a degreaser, taken after a water wash.

Install The Damping Rod

Put a few thread locks on the jolt that holds the damping pole input and screw it in. When expelling the damping pole, compress the fork and with the spring, hold the damping pole is put to anticipate it from pivoting.

Pour New Oil

Allude your bike’s benefit manual for how much oil (and the weight) to put into your forks. Pour within the sum of oil suggested by the producer. 

Top up the oil and drag on the syringe once more. If you at first suck oil up, that’s fine, and proceed to do so until you begin to as it was getting discussed. 

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Re-install The Forks

Slide the forks up through the triple tree. Fix the jolts on the triple tree by hand – fair guarantee there’s sufficient slack still to move the forks up and down somewhat to position them accurately. 

Replace The Components

The last part on how to change fork oil is to replace the components. Tenderly put within the springs, spacers, and washers taken after by the fork caps. You’ll get to reinstall the clip holding the cap/plug-in put but gratefully, putting it in is simpler at that point. 


Above are 11 steps that guide you on how to change fork oil, including some basic steps such as removing the wheel, cleaning the engine, pouring new oil, install the forks. I hope this instruction helps you to change fork oil easily.