All You Need About Oil Filter Wrench

The presence and performance of the oil filters are highly critical to a vehicle. They are located near your car engine, and their function is to purify the oil engine. To become a responsible owner, you should regularly implement maintenance services for the oil filter to keep them effectively working. Therefore, having the Best Oil Filter Wrench in your toolbox will assist you in probably changing the oil filter yourself whenever needed. Check out some of our recommendations to pick up the best oil filter wrench that fits your needs.

Look For What When Buying Oil Filter Wrenches

  • The oil filter size: The oil filter size: You must consider the size of your vehicle’s filter to buy an excellent wrench.
  • The wrench’s quality and performance: Choose an oil filter wrench made of high-quality components.
  • Ease of use
  • Durability: You should choose a well-made one with a nice anodized finish to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • Adjustability: Choose the significantly adjustable wrench to get the most value for money.

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Should We Use An Oil Filter Wrench?

  • Cost-effective: You will keep the money spent on a professional’s services or prevent paying for additional repairs.
  • Minimize the time and effort to meet the mechanic: You can avoid the time-consuming trip to the mechanic by handling the process yourself.
  • Prevent damage when using unsuitable tools: This obstinate assumption will leave you with a damaged vehicle when you use the incorrect device.

How Many Types Of Oil Filter Wrench?

  • Chain: The chain loops around the oil filter and tightens until it has a death grip on the cap, crushing and destroying it.
  • Spider: The design typically has two or three legs firmly attached to the oil filter. This sort of wrench is ideal for cramming into remote locations. 
  • Band: This type of oil filter wrench is simple to use.
  • Pliers: plier wrenches are popular because of their firm grip.
  • End cap/socket: this type of filter is ideal if you have a recessed filter or narrow space to work.

Are All Oil Filter Wrenches The Same?

Tools in the same category differ greatly depending on their intended function and the manufacturer’s personal touch.

Filter wrenches with a band and a chain look relatively similar. The most common wrenches are socket and plier wrenches. Each type has a different gripping method for loosening or tightening the oil filter.

Based on the model of your vehicle, you can choose the appropriate oil filter wrench. 

How To Change Oil Easier Using Oil Filter Wrench?

The oil filter wrench you have will determine how you utilize it.

While changing your oil may appear to be a simple task, it can become complicated if you don’t have the proper gear. Therefore, you must use a suitable oil filter wrench for the job.

  • Before working, make sure your vehicle’s engine is entirely excellent. If it hasn’t been used so far, give it at least an hour to rest.
  • Keep a drain pan nearby and position it behind the oil filter to catch excess oil.
  • Place the band over the oil filter with a strap tool, making sure that the back of the handle is turned counterclockwise. To loosen, push the handle in that direction. Remove the oil filter wrench and finish the procedure by hand.
  • Insert a socket wrench into the bottom of the filter’s casing. Turn the ratchet handle clockwise. 


Several firms sell vehicle-specific oil filter wrenches sized to fit a particular vehicle’s oil filter. Oil filters are inexpensive, but their job in your car is valuable. It’s natural to pay attention to maintaining and replacing this important automotive component as needed. Choosing the best oil filter wrench will help effectively change an oil filter.

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